Coral Reef Aquariums

1000 Gallon Sun Powered Mixed Reef

This large reef aquarium features a air conditioned solarium outdoors, where the aquarium resides, that allows natural sunlight to beam into the aquarium throughout the afternoons. The corals and fish love the natural light and the aquarium is truly a work of living art in this beautiful Coral Gables home.


480 Gallon Bowfront Coral Reef

Custom 480 Gallon Glass Aquarium System measures 65″L x 36″W x 48″H including a 6″ Bowfront. This saltwater mixed reef features tabling acropora, montipora, zoanthids, euphyllia, mushrooms and variety of other beautiful living corals and fish.


600 Gallon Walk Around Entry Aquarium

Impressive by any means but even more so as it greets you upon entering this 26th floor penthouse, this challenging design was created to provide a 360º walk around experience that in essence provides four unique views of the living art contained within. The aquarium was built into an existing and finished space and created a dynamic and beautiful room divider, while maintaining respect to the existing interior.


900 Gallon Living Coral Reef

The third and latest RAD project for this particular client warranted something special. As part of a major renovation and addition project to the clients vacation home, an 900 gallon aquarium is the perfect statement of living art against the paradise backdrop of the Florida Keys. A nine foot long curved panel is constructed of laminated safety glass and gives the aquarium amazing optics, further enhancing the inherent beauty of the living coral reef. All Life Support equipment for this beautiful aquarium resides in the floor below’s Aquatic Closet.


810 Gallon Living Coral Reef Feature

Built from the ground up in 2010, on a stunning piece of waterfront property in Miami Beach, this home was designed around a massive 810 gallon living coral reef aquarium. Reef Aquaria Design worked closely with the architect/owner to deliver their vision of what an inspiring aquarium could be.


550 Gallon Four-Sided Reef Aquarium

550 Gallon Four-Sided Reef Aquarium in a beautiful waterfront property facing Indian Creek Island. This unique mixed coral reef aquarium can be viewed from 4 different rooms of this large bayfront home.