6000 Gallon Indoor Koi Pond

Featured Residential Aquariums Freshwater

With 155 feet of oceanfront property, a private a walkway to the beach, and a custom 6000 gallon indoor koi pond, this is one of …

320 Gallon Custom Jellyfish Aquarium

Featured Jellyfish Residential Room Divider In-wall Saltwater Video

When your client has a Super Bowl Party deadline, there’s no room for error. This room dividing jellyfish aquarium is visible from all angles of …

Twin 200 Gallon Custom Jellyfish Aquariums

Featured Jellyfish Residential In-wall Saltwater

Custom twin glass jellyfish aquariums hold over 60 moon jellyfish and measure 45″ x 18″ x 48″ each.

810 Gallon Living Coral Reef

Featured Residential Room Divider In-wall Saltwater

Built from the ground up in 2010 on a stunning piece of waterfront property in Miami Beach, this home was designed around a massive 810 …

340 Gallon Living Coral Reef

Featured Residential Stand Alone Saltwater

A gift from one client to her husband of decades, this reef aquarium was fast tracked from concept to completion within a month to ensure …

760 Gallon Jellyfish Aquarium

Featured Jellyfish Room Divider In-wall Saltwater

The ever-changing graceful form and movement of these captive bred Moon Jellyfish create an amazing aesthetic in this stylized ultra-modern residence. Impressively tall and imposing, …

2000 Gallon Jellyfish Aquarium

Featured Jellyfish Commercial Room Divider In-wall Saltwater

Reef Aquaria Design was contacted by a renowned French designer to help bring his vision to life for Steak 954 at the W Hotel in …

500 Gallon Living Twin Coral Reef

Residential Stand Alone Saltwater

Commissioned by a seasoned aquarium hobbyist, these twin aquariums were designed to be the client’s ultimate expression of his love for coral reef aquarium keeping. …