Reef Aquaria Design is a full-service aquarium design company that focuses on creating the finest examples of custom aquarium systems available.  We focus on quality, providing our clients with systems that work.  We want our projects to look fantastic on day one and better every day for years.

We are a full-service operation offering services ranging from consulting to complete design, fabrication, and installation packages.  We see all of our projects through to completion and coordinate with contractors, architects, and designers to create functional pieces of living art for discerning clients around the globe.

Over the past five decades, we have been creating aquariums of all types at the highest level possible.  This commitment to perfecting our craft has allowed us to build a team of professionals with the common goal of bringing our client’s dreams to life.

The history of RAD is, in part, a history of marine aquarium keeping itself. Jeff Turner grew up under the guidance of his father, Joe Turner, the first president of the Florida Marine Aquarium Society. A passion for the new hobby of marine aquarium keeping passed from father to son, and in adulthood, Jeff has dedicated his life to the industry. Being involved in all aspects of the aquarium industry came naturally, but a love for creating beautiful large aquarium systems would always remain central.

Reef Aquaria Design grew out of that passion, and to this day, it is manifest in all of our work. Over the years, we have continued to produce custom aquarium systems of the highest quality for residential, commercial, and public clients. We continually seek out and adopt new technologies that help drive the industry forward. We have been on the cutting edge of natural living coral reef keeping since its inception and, more recently, have been on the vanguard of successful jellyfish systems. Each success is built on the shoulders of all the previous projects, and our dedication led to some exciting global opportunities.

Being tasked with creating what is effectively “The National Aquarium” at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History was a great opportunity bestowed upon RAD and served as our inspiration moving into the 21st century. RAD has spent years putting together a good team of like-minded professionals to continue producing the finest aquariums available in the future.